What does modern actually mean?

I learned today that modern doesn’t always mean what I thought. I’ve always believed the definition of modern is “now” or even “recent times”. Apparently – in architecture and art at least – it means “up until the early 1970s”. Everything after that is post-modern.

I’m pleased to report that the dictionary agrees with what I thought the definition of modern is (I’ve just checked). I’m not sure what the art world is going to do when post-modern stops being… well… modern. Start using the term post-post-modern?

Languages are fluid and change as each generation coins new words or use old words in new ways. But it’s a bit disconcerting when one group redefines a word and use it in a different way to other people.

Or maybe not.

There are probably other examples of words that have different meanings depending on what subject is being discussed.

I can’t think of any off the top of my head though.

On the Air

I’m excited to say the first two books in the Hollow Books series are available on Amazon. I published the first book Flight of the Gazebo in August and the second book Dangerous Ideals a few days ago.

It was a nail biting time between the two books. Although I’d already written Dangerous Ideals, the cover wasn’t complete and the final editing was under way at the same time. Fans of the first book were nagging me to get a move on and that certainly motivated me!

For those who want more, rest assured. Work has begun on the third book. The keyboard hardly gets a break.