Who really are the characters?

I’ve heard it said that a writer’s characters contain certain elements of the writer.

It’s an interesting thought. It makes me take another look at the characters in my books… think of them in a different way. Is there really anything of me in Drome? He’s male so I suppose there’s a tenuous link but what about the females? Or the aliens?

Then there’s the more unpleasant characters like Montgomery-Jones, Jeremy Wainscott, Zharvak and Vester. I don’t feel I have anything in common with them but… maybe I actually do.

When I write I put myself in the character’s head who’s point of view I’m writing from so perhaps there’s more of me in them than I care to admit. I try to think like they do. What would the character do in the situation he, she or it finds himself, herself or itself in? I don their skin and the ideas come tumbling in.

Hmmmm. Food for thought.

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