Hollow has seas, oceans, continents and islands much the same as any watery planet. The land masses have mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, forests, deserts and so on. The areas immediately opposite the two ends of the sun are frozen – much like the poles on Earth.

Diagram of Hollow's sun
Seento Blune’s diagram showing Hollow’s sun

Seento Blune’s diagram of Hollow shows the rod-like sun. The ends of the sun point towards the north and south of Hollow which is why those areas receive relatively little light and heat. In the diagram the north is experiencing winter while the south is enjoying summer. Over the course of the year the angle of the sun will change, bringing summer to the north and winter to the south.

Amblesby arrived in a region called Glaskwall. It covers an area in a more northerly part of Hollow and is ruled by an emperor.

Hollow is big, far bigger than Earth, and the inhabitants of Glaskwall are fairly ignorant of other regions apart from the ones immediately neighbouring theirs. Legends about about Hollow’s unknown parts abound, but real knowledge is rather lacking.