BMW's cartoon villian eyes

Cars That Look Like Movie Villains

Are you one of those people who sees a face when you look at the front of a car? I know I am and I’m not alone. It’s all down to a phenomenon called pareidolia. Although some of us are more prone to seeing faces than others, apparently we all do it to one degree or another.

Are cars deliberately designed to have a “face”? It seems they are according to an article in LiveScience.

Having established that I’m not a freak (well, not entirely), it explains why I feel different emotions depending on what car I see zooming up behind me in the rearview mirror.

Most cars are fine. They don’t look threatening – unless they drive too close – and I’ll happily move over to the slow lane as soon as I’ve finished overtaking.

Certain models, however, evoke a negative response in me. I can’t be the only person who dislikes having an aggressive looking car on my tail. There’s something about being hounded by one of these that makes me move grudgingly to the slow lane and shooting a disapproving glance at the driver as they accelerate past. (Incidentally, they never glance back.)

Without further ado, here are the cars I think resemble move villains like Shan Yu from the Disney movie Mulan

Shan Tu from Disney's Mulan

or the equally villainous Jafar from the Disney movie Aladdin

Disney's Jafar from the Aladdin movie

Top of my list is BMW. A fair few of their cars bear a striking likeness to Shan Yu and Jafar (hint: it’s in the eyes, ie. the cartoon character’s eyes and the car’s headlights):

Audi… what can I say? Another manufacturer who can’t stay away from making their cars look like cartoon movie villains:

Let’s move away from cartoons and take a look at a well known science fiction series.

Ever since I had my first sighting of a Range Rover Evoque I thought it resembled a Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper.

Weirdly, it turns out, there actually is a special edition Range Rover called the Stormtrooper

In my humble opinion, however, the Evoque looks more like the villainous soldiers from Star Wars than the special edition does.

Let me know in the comments if there are other cars – or vehicles of any kind – that remind you of movie characters. Or a character from any other media like cartooons, books or whatever.

Who really are the characters?

I’ve heard it said that a writer’s often put elements of themselves into their characters.

It’s an interesting thought and made me take another look at the characters in my books…

Is there really anything of me in Drome, John, Dora or Dr. Wilson? They’re not bad people so I don’t mind if there is.

What about the more unpleasant characters like Montgomery-Jones, Jeremy Wainscott, Zharvak and Vester? I don’t feel I have anything in common with them but… maybe I actually do.

When I write I put myself in the character’s heads so perhaps there’s more of me in them than I care to admit. I try to think like they do. What would the character do in the situation he, she or it finds himself, herself or itself in? I don their skin and the ideas come tumbling in.

Hmmmm. Food for thought.