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Devonshire Pixies
This is a transcript from an article originally published in "Once A Week" Jan – June 1867 by John Bowring. It's a fascinating glimpse …
The Art of Teaching Metalwork
My first metalwork lesson at high school was an experience I have never forgotten. It was one of the scariest moments of my childhood.
Hollow Book 3!
The third book in the Hollow fantasy series, A Taste of Steel, is available from your favourite online store!
Never tell anyone your dreams
We’re having a pint together in the pub, sitting at an old wooden table at the back of the room next to a fly-specked …
How to get from Earth to Hollow
If you don't have a portal handy then the next easiest way to get to Hollow is via the interstices. Interstitial travel is not …
Vanes to Increase the Effectiveness of Horizontal Wind Turbines
In the spirit of giving away ideas that might make a difference, I’ve written this wind turbines post to bang on about an idea …
Cars That Look Like Movie Villains
Are you one of those people who sees a face when you look at the front of a car? …
Here be Dragons: 5 Best Dragons in Literature
On the whole, you wouldn't want to bump into a dragon down a dark alley or in a cave or… pretty much anywhere actually. …

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