On the whole, you wouldn’t want to bump into a dragon down a dark alley or in a cave or… pretty much anywhere actually. Books are where you can meet a dragon from the safety of your armchair. The books in this post are my favourites.

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‘When are you going to release your next book?’ I get asked that a lot. Well, I’m pleased – no, delighted! – to announce the release of a new book in the Hollow series. It’s a prequel that tells the story of how Vester, a human and one of the main antagonists in book one Continue reading “https://worldofhollow.net/wp/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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At last we’re on the air! I’m excited to say the first two books in the Hollow Books series are available on Amazon. I published the first book Flight of the Gazebo in August and the second book Dangerous Ideals a few days ago. It was a nail biting time between the two books. Although Continue reading “https://worldofhollow.net/wp/wp-content/themes/gridd”

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