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Before becoming the most feared human in Skarnelm, capital of the Empire of Glaskwall inside the hollow world of, er, Hollow, Vester was a young upstart living by his wits in 18th Century London. For someone with his lack of principles and ambition, what better career to turn his hand to than the unsavoury business of witch-finding?

It was all going so lucratively well until he encountered Masbic who had eluded every witch-finder in the country thus far.

But when Vester and the sorcerer are unwittingly transported through a portal to Hollow, their worlds are turned upside-down and, well, outside-in.

Despite being a mere human, Vester plunges into the arena of imperial politics, where his unscrupulous methods are matched by others with far more experience than him.

Pitched headlong into a desperate struggle to survive his only ally is his former enemy, the sorcerer Masbic. But when Vester’s fight for his life takes a turn neither of them could have imagined he sinks to new depths.

Will his devious, underhand ways be enough to ensure he stays alive, never mind rise to the top of the political cesspit?


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