Dangerous Ideals

Dangerous Ideals cover

The adventure continues in the second book of the Hollow series.

“It would make a great action movie” – “A pure joy!”

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Drome hasn’t been in the crazy, inside-out world of Hollow for long but already loads of people are out to kill him. He’s not entirely sure why they’re after him but one thing is certain: he needs to get back to his village soon to warn his fellow humans of the danger coming their way.

The trouble is he and his somatically-challenged companion have been shipwrecked in the middle of nowhere and need help. Unfortunately, almost everyone they meet is intent on sticking sharp, pointy objects in Drome’s tender body. And Drome’s relationship with his skeletal travelling partner is getting a little too weird for comfort.

Will Drome return in time to warn the villagers? Will they succeed in rebuilding the device that can get them home to Earth?

Or will the emperor’s deadly stormtroopers get there first?