Flight of the Gazebo

Flight of the Gazebo cover

Brace yourself! The fantastic Hollow series starts right here.

“…the fast-paced story-line kept me reading late into the night!” – “I loved the whimsical humour and the surreal twists and turns.” – “Fantastic!”*

It isn’t every day your world is turned upside down. Or inside out.

Drome’s troubles start when an oddly shaped gazebo carries his entire village – people, pets, buildings and all – to a hollow world.

The village collapses into chaos, backstabbing and murder as the villagers try to deal with their predicament. Meanwhile Drome is kidnapped by aliens with a burning interest in getting their hands on the gazebo that brought the humans to their outside-in world.

While the village breaks into factions Drome careens from one danger to the next, rubbing everyone up the wrong way, even a living skeleton who helps him escape his captors. But, with everyone out to get the fleeing pair – including the most scheming and dangerous person in the empire – will Drome and his touchy companion reach the village in time to warn them of the danger coming their way?

* Quotes taken from reviews on Amazon UK

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